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3 Top Design Trends for 2018

Design has not been the only thing that has evolved over the years but, we have not come this far to only go this far. Design is everywhere, the average person is exposed to as many as 5000 different advertisements a day. Here are my top 3 finds that are trending for 2018.


There is no beating around the bush in 2018. The average person only spends 2 seconds looking at an ad. Get your point across and get it across fast! What should the user know? This is a great way to use a BOLD typography that really captures the audience. Direct the audience to a website or email address for more information. Be noticed and plant the seed of curiosity.

Live the SIMPLE life.

Big brands are simplifying their logo design—think Youtube, Netflix and Facebook and USA Today—and it is getting even more popular moving in 2018. Complex logo design takes away from the story. Brands are also adjusting because their brand is not only viewed on a 46” widescreen—people have cell phones, Ipads, and other electronic devices.

Remember RETRO.

As the 80’s and 90’s children are coming into power, so are their childhood memories. Vintage patterns and duotones are becoming the wave of the future. Using bright bold colors and patterns from the past brings a sense of nostalgia and excitement to a design. Spotify and some of Jvstin Bechard’s work really capture this movement.

Bottom line, design is never stagnant and there is constant innovation. Make sure you keep up to date on what's new and also open your eyes! Which of the 5000 ads you see today makes you stop?

Happy New Year!


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